Auditer - Auditing

You are:

•   A company in the life sciences industry

You want to:

•   Heighten awareness and train your collaborators about Quality and the standards that apply;

•   Train your teams responsible for Quality in order to maintain your high standards;

•   Call on outside trainers in Quality Management to relieve your internal teams.

 Our services:

•   Cefasys works alongside throughout your training projects, adapting them to the size and needs of your company:

*   Awareness-raising and training on the quality system as it applies across your company;

*   Upgrade and/or refresher training on the quality implemented;

*   Training, for example, on the management of the documentation system, audit methodology, continuous improvement and problem-solving methods.

*   Quality training for your collaborators, to help their understanding of the role of the Internal/External Auditor, the Quality Assistant or Quality Manager.

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