Transmettre - Transfering

You are:

•   A company in the life sciences industry

You want to:

•   Set up or improve your quality system;

•   Outsource the functions of a part-time Quality Manager or provide reinforcement to handle an excess workload;

•   Ensure that a special project is run successfully.

We offer:


Cefasys can help you:

•   Set up a Quality system on sound foundations and make sure it is adapted to your company’s needs;

•   Improve your Quality system to boost efficiency and performance;

Quality specialist:

•   You want to support your Quality department and would like to draw on our expertise.

•   Cefasys can take on this function temporarily, to guide and support this stage in your company’s development.

Pilot special projects:

•   Is your company expanding and you are wanting to move into new premises?

•   You would like clear guidance to ensure your projects conform with all legislative requirements?

•   Cefasys can partner with you to help pilot your projects.

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